Things to Know Before Starting a Frozen Yogurt Business

The frozen yogurt business is thriving and this tasty frozen dessert is becoming more popular by the day. If you are like many forward-thinking entrepreneurs, you are thinking about taking advantage of this trend and starting your own frozen dessert business. While it’s important to have a business plan and make sure you really know the ins and outs of business, knowing which flavors and toppings to offer your customers will help increase customer satisfaction and profit.

Top 5 Most Popular Frozen Yogurt Flavors

1. Vanilla – As the number one flavor of ice cream, it’s no surprise that vanilla is also a favorite of frozen yogurt fans. It’s a perfect complement to almost any topping or mixed with other yogurt flavors. There are several variations of vanilla, but they are all easy sales for your yogurt business.

2. Chocolate – Mixed with nuts or various candy toppings, chocolate flavored yogurt is a favorite of many customers.

3. Cake batter – One of the best parts of making a cake is getting to lick the batter. With this flavor of yogurt, you get all the yummy taste without the mess.

4. Cheesecake – Whether classic New York cheesecake or strawberry cheesecake, these flavors are among the most popular of yogurt flavors.

5. Tart Fruit – There are a variety tasty tart fruit flavors such as peach, mango or melon all of which are great alone, with toppings or vanilla yogurt to create a personalized frozen yogurt masterpiece.

Top 5 Most Popular Frozen Yogurt Toppings

One of the reasons frozen desserts are so popular is the delicious variety of toppings that you can make available to customers to your new business.

1. Candy – From crumbled candy bars to chocolate chips, you can’t go wrong with candy as a frozen treat topping.

2. Nuts – Frozen yogurt business customers love the variety of nuts they can choose from to enhance the flavors of their favorite frozen treat.

3. Cookies – Whether graham crackers or Oreos, folks love to crumble their favorite cookie on top of their frozen dessert. Offer several cookie crumb varieties at your frozen yogurt shop and you will keep your customers coming back for more.

4. Fruit – One of the biggest reasons that the frozen dessert business is booming is because it is a healthy alternative to ice cream. Fresh fruit toppings add delicious flavor to yogurt without diminishing the health benefits.

5. Syrup – Everyone loves to make a sundae, so be sure to offer chocolate and other syrups to customers of your yogurt business.

Knowing what your customers want is the secret to the success of any business. A business plan will help you create a complete picture of the yogurt market and of your new business so that you can make informed decisions to ensure its longevity. If you need help writing a business plan, a frozen yogurt business plan template will take the guesswork out of knowing what your customers want.

Popular Snow Cone Flavors

There are many varieties of snow cone flavors to choose from.

When choosing shaved ice flavors, it’s not only important to know what the basic standards are, but it’s also important to know all about the wide variety of snow cone flavors that are available. Not every flavor is going to do well at every location, which is part of what makes local testing so important, but it’s a safe bet that when people go to buy a couple of snow cones, they do have some expectations for basic flavors of snow cones that are going to be available to choose from.

Some of the most basic and popular flavors that people are going to expect from a shaved ice vendor include cherry, lemon-lime, raspberry, grape, and strawberry. These flavors often make up the backbone of most snow cone sales for vendors, but they are only a starting point. There are other flavors, both common and unique, that are also very popular with some regional vendors such as green apple, banana, root beer, bubblegum, cotton candy, and other similar fun flavors.

What are the most popular shaved ice flavors? This can be a hard question because there are so many different things that go into putting together a good local business. In some areas certain flavors are much more popular or common than in others. Lime is a perfect example. In many southern areas with solid Hispanic cultures you see lime with coke, with water, and in a variety of cooking ñ while in many other areas lime is seen as a sour fruit without a lot of taste or use. The location of your snow cone business could determine whether lemon-lime is a good flavor for the area or a bad one.

Testing out flavors is important, because each area is going to be a little different. While it’s a pretty safe bet that cherry, grape, and the other normal basic flavors will always be popular, you might be surprised what works after a little bit of experimenting. Maybe cotton candy and root beer snow cone flavors are great during the entire year, or maybe they tend to work for short times like around the 4th of July. Even if they’re slow sellers, eventually they will sell out and then you’ll know what to buy more of or what to skip.

There are nearly 100 different flavors of shaved ice to choose from depending on which vendors you use to provide you with flavoring syrup for snow cones. These can range from common flavors that you don’t see often in snow cone form like strawberry-kiwi, peppermint, cherry cola, butterscotch, and hot cinnamon; to specialty snow cones with very specific or different flavors like Pina Colada, coconut, dill pickle, fuzzy navel, and strawberry cheesecake.

The sheer number of choices can be intimidating, but this also provides an opportunity to set up a niche set of flavors that you could be the only one to offer. Some shaved ice flavors that are meant to taste like a fruity alcoholic drink like Pina Colada, Fuzzy Navels, Margarita, or Bahama Mamas could be very popular with parents who stop to get shaved ice for their kids and then decide to try one of those flavors for themselves, as well. This could become a very popular and profitable part of any snow cone business, especially as positive word of mouth grows. This isn’t the only good idea when it comes to diversifying flavors, either. You could carry normal flavors and tropical flavors, or rotate a “flavors of the month” combination to get feedback on a wide variety of flavors and figure out which ones could work well for you full time.

When it comes to picking out the right flavors, it’s always a good idea to start with the basics that everyone expects and then to move on and expand from there. In some areas going with the “circus” or “county fair” type of flavors might do well, while other locations are going to do better with tropical flavors or flavors based around alcoholic drinks. Testing is always important, but by knowing the basics and keeping an open mind to new flavors and ideas, any snow cone vendor should be able to come up with the ideal combination of snow cone flavors for their business.

3 Ways Businesses Can Use Gourmet Flavored Popcorn to Draw Crowds

One look at a bowl of yummy chocolate or cheddar popcorn and it’s easy to see why this is America’s favorite treat. The smell has a way on entrancing everyone, convincing them to try the tasty treat. Why shouldn’t businesses use this to their advantage? Gourmet flavored popcorn will bring in potential leads and help keep them there to increase the chance of making a profitable sale, or at least a loyal follower. Here are three great ways businesses can enhance their marketing with this tasty treat.

Trade Show Booths

With so many displays in one place, it can be difficult to attract people to your trade show booths. But, with some colorful gourmet flavored popcorn like white and yellow cheddar popcorn as well as cinnamon and chocolate flavors, attendees will happily wait in line for taste of their favorite flavor. In the mean time, sales staff has plenty of time to talk to each one and make sales or collect contact information.

Take this concept one further by giving away small tins of this delicious snack with the company logo and contact info on it. Or, include large containers of this treat with other products or cards for services as part of a large prize drawing. Sales staff will be so busy, they won’t know who to approach first, and with happy attendees, sales are sure to go up.

In Store Sales Or Celebrations

Large sales, store birthdays, and holidays are the perfect excuse to have a party and invite the public to join you. With balloons, cake, refreshments, gourmet flavored popcorn, and huge sales, current and potential customers will have a blast. And, having everyone in a good mood, walking around munching gourmet flavored popcorn, is always a good thing; they’ll stick around longer, they’ll be more open to chat, and more willing to connect with sales staff.

This is also a great opportunity to advertise the sale, the business, and offer up some great contests or coupons to further increase the number of people making their way to the business. Social media, the company website, and email newsletter lists are also helpful. And, if they are each given a special code for the event, which entitles them to an additional discount or free gift, it will provide an opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of the various marketing methods.

Joining Forces With A Non-Profit Organization

While these events aren’t instantly associated with boosting profits, they can be one of the best events for any business to hold. Not only does the money go to a good cause, but the exposure for the company as well as the demonstration of its dedication to the community also goes a long way to building a following of loyal customers. Some of these events could include movie nights where both organizations combine their efforts to sell tins of cheddar popcorn to cover the costs. Be sure to advertise the event, and include the business logo and contact information in the advertisement.

These are just three ways businesses can use gourmet popcorn to boost their revenue. All it takes is America’s favorite snack, some creativity, and a little hard work to pull off. Oh, and maybe a little cheddar popcorn for inspiration!