What Are the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors?

Mmmm, ice cream – everyone’s favorite frozen treat! If you are considering opening up an ice cream business, there are literally hundreds of flavors that you can provide for your customers. Anything from the exotic (a scoop of seaweed, anyone?) to the classic vanilla can be served on a cone. Knowing which flavors are the most popular will help your new business succeed.

Unless you plan to have a specialty frozen dessert shop that serves only the weird and wonderful, you will probably want to stay away from garlic, bacon, or sauerkraut flavored. (Yes, these flavors really do exist!) Most people want to go to their local ice cream shop to get their favorite flavors they remember from child hood.

The Top 10 Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

1. Vanilla – A recent poll found that this all-time classic flavor is still number one by 29%. Perhaps it is because of the simplicity of it or how good it tastes with toppings, but whatever the reason, vanilla is clearly the most popular frozen dessert flavor.

2. Chocolate – No big surprise here. Chocolate is still the go-to choice of most frozen treat business customers.

3. Strawberry – Once the number 3 most popular flavor, strawberry ice cream now has to share that spot with butter pecan as both flavors are the most popular flavors of about 5% of customers.

4. Butter Pecan – Who knew? Vanilla flavoring with a sweet and crunchy twist.

5. Neapolitan – This is what you get when you mix our top 3 favorite flavors in to one. When you can’t decide between strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate this is the perfect choice.

6. Chocolate Chip – This is a must have flavor for your frozen dessert business. You can’t go wrong with the classic flavor of vanilla combined with tasty chocolate chips.

7. Chocolate Mint Chip – Add an extra layer of cool to an already frozen dessert with mint chips in either chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

8. Cookie Dough – Everyone loves to eat the cookie dough before it gets baked and in this flavor you not only get tasty vanilla but the added bonus of little balls of cookie dough.

9. Coffee – The perfect pick-me-up on a hot summer day.

10. Rocky Road – Chocolate ice cream, tiny marshmallows, and crunchy walnuts combine to make this flavor the last on the top 10 most popular flavors.

There are many more flavors you could offer at your frozen dessert business and knowing which ones will actually sell is part of being a savvy business owner. Which flavors are most popular in your area is just one of the bits of research that should go into your business plan before you invest in your new venture. An ice cream business plan template will do the necessary research for you and give you the tools you need to help your new business succeed.

15 Ways to End Boredom and Keep Busy to Stop Overeating

If the first thing you do when you are bored is plop on the couch with food and watch TV then it’s time for change. If you cannot think of anything to do to stop being bored how can you possibly stop overeating? You can also stop overeating by keeping your mouth happy. So, I have included some tips to sooth your cravings. Don’t give up and run to the fridge. Here are some ideas to keep you busy. When you are having fun and enjoying yourself, it’s easier to avoid the fridge and stop overeating. With 15 ways listed below you are sure to find something you enjoy doing to end boredom. Let’s start having some fun.

1. Get together with some friends and go through all your dresser drawers and closets and find strange assortments of clothing to put together. Have everyone dress up as weird as they can using wild colors and patterns that clash. Find weird objects throughout the house to use as part of your outfits to make them really outrageous. Do something crazy with your hair and make up. Take pictures of each other striking different silly poses. Make sure to get someone to take a group photo. You can either use the pictures for a slide show, a fun scrapbook or post them online for all your friends and family to enjoy.

2. Using post it notes, write out dozens of reasons why you love your spouse or kids and stick them up around the house where they can find them.

3. Check out coach tours in your area. You could find a tour bus that takes you to a nearby town you have never visited. You could have an excellent time meeting new people. Spend some time looking through all the offers and decide which one sounds the most enjoyable to you. Be spontaneous and get out of the house for the day.

4. Play solitaire Scrabble. Take out your Scrabble game and turn over all the letters so you can see them. Now, start putting together words on the Scrabble board as fast as you can. You must use all of the letters. If you get to the end and you cannot finish using the letters, then you will need to reformat some of the words until all of the letters are used successfully and you have absolutely no letter tiles left.

5. Chew on cinnamon or other flavored toothpicks. You can make your own flavored toothpicks by simply using cinnamon oil, or other oil-based flavors used for hard candy.

Simply take 1 ounce of any oil-based candy flavoring and mix it with a couple of ounces of water, three or four packages of sugar substitute and stir it up. Next, pour it onto a cookie sheet. Then take toothpicks and lay them out in one layer in the flavoring on the cookie sheet. Move them around until the liquid is soaked in. Let them sit for a day or two until they are completely dry and then, you have your own flavored toothpicks. If you have a craving for sweets, just chew on one of your delicious flavored toothpicks.

6. Throw ice chips up in the air and attempt to catch them in your mouth.

7. Instead of giving in to a craving for something fattening, grab your sweetie and make out. This is much more fun.

8. Take a trust walk with your partner. Put a blindfold on them and lead them around. See how much they trust you to guide them without falling or bumping into things. Next, let them put the blindfold on you and let them lead you around.

9. Have a follow people date. Go out somewhere that people walk around to different places. Pick out someone to follow and just follow them everywhere they go. You never know where you will wind up. It could be somewhere really fun that you would have never gone. If it becomes impossible to keep following them, choose someone new and start over.

10. Take pictures of your 100 most favorite things and make a scrapbook out of the pictures. Write catchy captions underneath each photo.

11. If you have stairs in your home run up and down the stairs and see how many times you can do it. Not only will this keep you busy, but it will also burn a lot of calories. See if you can top your best each day.

12. Start at one end of the house and start running until you get to the other end of the house and see how many times you can go back and forth before getting too tired. This is a fun game to play with the kids and an effective way to get exercise without it feeling like exercise.

13. Start a walking club. Get together with friends, find a nice park or walking track and meet each day to go for walk. If you don’t have any friends who want to walk with you, you could put up flyer’s in the grocery store, community center, Laundromat or local library to find others to walk with in the park. You could also check out your local YMCA and see if there are others interested in walking with you. This is a superb way to meet new people and make new friends. And bonus, it is great exercise and burns lots of calories.

14. Go on a tool finding mission. Do all your tools seem to come up missing? Do you spend more time looking for a tool than doing the actual project that needs to be done? Get a box and go through the whole house, garage, shed and yard and round them up and put them in the box. Now set up a nice area in your garage where all the tools can go. Next time you need a tool for a project, you’ll actually be able to find them.

15. Does your pet do the craziest things? Make a video of them and put it on YouTube.com. Pull out your video camera and just start taping. You are sure to catch them doing something funny. Now edit the video and add some fun captions and music and post it for everyone to see.

Folding Chairs Act As Secure Back-Up Accommodations for Your Business

If your business is your primary source of income, you need to make sure that it addresses all possible concerns. For instance, owning a restaurant or food business means that you have to produce high-quality meals. But your role as an owner doesn’t stop there. You also need to provide comfortable accommodations for everybody.

In the food or restaurant business, flavor and ambience are two factors that you should always hit right. It’s the only way you can gain more and more customers that will keep your source of living on a thriving business. But there’s a third factor that you also need to address. You need to maintain a superior level of service, too.

One way you can provide impeccable service is guaranteeing a comfortable accommodation for every customer that walks in to your restaurant. Although, you may have standard tables and seats, having back-up items will do great wonders for your business just in case.

There are plenty of occasions when you will be in dire need of these items. Weekends always call for many families and friends going out. They can come in hordes towards your restaurant. When you have secure back-up accommodations in the form of folding chairs, you can ensure that every guest and the company they bring will be given comfortable and proper seats for dining. With these things around, your guests will appreciate how well-prepared you are to accommodate everybody.

It will also be to your great advantage to keep stock of these items because come Holidays and special occasions, you will be expecting more customers every single day. With foldable seats around, you can generate more income for your business because you can fill in your place and cater more customers than usual.

It will also make for a great plan in the future for you may be unto expanding your restaurant. When there are vacant lots on your side or on the front, you can also incorporate open-air spaces or al fresco areas which will make for an added attraction to your business.

Folding chairs can be bought in many different designs. You can have them in variety of amazing styles and colors. You may not even have to cover them up for they can appear upholstered in elegant fabrics. You can buy them in bulk at affordable rates in so many online furniture stores or you can get them in department shops and home stores near you.