Fruit Baskets Delivered – The Juicy Tangy Flavor of Ruby Red Grapefruits You Will Never Forget

Most people prefer fruit baskets delivered of Ruby Red’ Grapefruit from Indian River County, Florida at their door. The harvest is from December right on through May. With its abundance of sweet delicious taste and flavor they make delightful drinks to give you more energy.

Here is a tip from staunch grapefruit lovers: Be sure to add grapefruit to flavor your tuna, shrimp spinach, chef salads and chicken because they add a very distinctive taste. In addition, dip slices of the segments into yogurt for a unique taste. Also, throw in some avocado slices with some greens in your salad and you will enjoy a refreshing burst of energy that lasts all day.

It is an easy peeling fruit and you can get to the delicious, pulpy goodness in a hurry from the juicy segments that make a hearty snack. The sweet, juicy and tangy flavor Ruby Red Grapefruit are astounding. If there was a prize for taste and flavor, Ruby Red grapefruits will get first prize. The succulent red flesh under the red blushed thin yellow skin can be placed in fruit baskets and delivered right at your home in time for your special occasion.

Want to know more? Ruby Red Oranges were discovered and developed in 1930s. They like to grow in all kinds of sandy soils especially those in Florida. And, best of all for connoisseurs of them, they are pest and disease resistant. So, you are assured of good healthy fruits every season. There is a huge amount of Vitamin C in Ruby Red Oranges. Potassium, and fiber are also present that provides a healthy dose of energy so you enjoy your day fully. If you have a busy schedule eats some of these and you will be ready to face the challenge of a busy schedule and maintain a good mood too.

Once you peel off the skin and separate the segments, sprinkle some brown sugar or honey over some slices with a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg and you’ll brag about this exquisite taste for a long time. It meets with great favor among most grapefruit lovers. Now is the time to package a bunch of Ruby red grapefruit in baskets so you can get your fruit baskets delivered on time at the location where your family and friends live…

Surprise them! They will enjoy your surprise especially when they least expect it. Get your gift baskets delivered on time for a special treat for your loved ones.

Lightly Flavored? Water?

It jumped right out at me, that ad in one of those decidedly upscale consumer magazines. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t subscribe to it. I don’t fit its reader profile. Wouldn’t want to. The magazine was actually a free sample, something I’d sent for. I’ll try anything that’s free. Well, almost. But this particular ad just jumped out and bit me in the nose.

The headline said something read “Lightly Flavored Water!” That’s what grabbed my attention. I hadn’t heard that term before. Lightly flavored water? “OK,” I said, “I gotta read more about this taste sensation” the ad was touting. I’d obviously missed one of life’s most captivating taste delights.

As I continued to reading, I couldn’t help but laugh. The ad took me back a bunch of years to a time when my wife and I – along with several other couples our age – were starting our families. Money for us and our circle of friends back then was a lot tighter than in became as the years passed.

One couple in that group included my cousin and her husband, a nice guy who was in the process of building up a business he’d bought by borrowing against everything he had. But, hey, many of us were bitten by that bug back then. We all wanted to own our own businesses. Some of us made it, some didn’t. Kinda like today’s world.

But what made me chuckle as I continued reading about “Lightly Flavored Water” in this yuppie magazine was how the world seems to have come almost full circle without my realizing it.

My cousin, bless her, had developed a reputation back then for being frugal. “Cheap” was actually the word we used. But only when she wasn’t within earshot. “Frugal” wasn’t a word we knew the meaning of. But we certainly knew from “cheap.” And cheap and cousin Sherry were synonymous – all because of “Lightly Flavored Water.”

Nothing by that name existed back then. In fact, people weren’t yet aware that they would someday willingly pay big bucks for water in bottles. Water was free. It came out of the faucet by the kitchen sink. Now, of course, no one can leave home without clutching a bottle of water – 16 ounces for just $1.29. On sale. Every ask yourself why you didn’t think of that gimmick?

“Lightly Flavored Water” is an even better gimmick. And it was invented by my cousin Sherry years ago. Though she didn’t realize it at the time. And she hasn’t made even one thin dime off the idea since. But “Lightly Flavored Water” is what earned her the name, Cheap Sherry. And we weren’t talking about wine, either.

Every time we’d visit Sherry and her husband, their drink du jour was Kool-Aid®. But not just any old Kool-Aid. Sherry had a way for turning 10-cent packet of Kook-Aid into a endless sea of Kool-Aid.

While it might have started out as a pitcher of fruit flavored water, when it got down to that last glass of Kool-Aid in that pitcher, Cindy would head back to her kitchen and refill that pitcher with more water.

What started out as a ruby red, fruit flavored drink soon became pink. And by the time the evening was over that pink liquid became paler and lighter until it was almost as clear as the water she kept adding to the pitcher.

By the end of the evening what we were drinking was… You guessed it. “Lightly Flavored Water.” And it certainly didn’t cost $2.00 a pint. Heck, with a dime envelope of Kool-Aid, Sherry could serve a crowd of thirsty friends for an entire evening. Endlessly.

Bless you cousin, inventive genius that you were, though perhaps a little ahead of the curve when it came to “Lightly Flavored Water.” If only we’d known, we could all have been rich.

The Best Wedding Cake Flavors by Season

Wedding cakes are created to look and taste fabulous, but sometimes flavor is compromised for style. When selecting a wedding cake, the perfect combination of taste and appearance should be paramount. The goal is that you and your guests admire the design of the cake just as much as they love eating it!

Wedding cakes come in a wide variety of flavors these days and couples no longer have to choose between traditional tastes like vanilla, chocolate and marble. Modern wedding cake bakers provide a wealth of flavor choices including imaginative combinations as diverse as coconut key-lime, chocolate hazelnut mocha, lemon poppy seed and orange-mango.

A good parameter to use when making your flavor selection is to coordinate it with the colors and theme of the wedding – or select the cake first and plan design details around it. Other important factors include the season and location of your wedding, so decide on your priorities before beginning the wedding cake selection and sampling process.

The simple rule is heavier chocolate cakes in the colder months/climates and airy, light cakes during the warmer months/climates.

The top wedding cake flavor suggestions for the seasons are as follows:


o Kahlua Mocha- dark liqueur cake with coffee, vanilla and chocolate liqueur and topped with fudge icing

o Mexican Chocolate Cake- moist and enhanced with three types of chocolate and a bit of cinnamon with a smooth milk-chocolate frosting

o Red Velvet Cake- traditional Southern chocolate-red cake with cream cheese frosting

o Texas Turtle- devil’s food cake with nuts and caramel filling and fudge frosting


o Princess Cake- moist, creamy white cake topped with cream cheese frosting (traditional choice)

o Orange Marmalade and Lemon Cake- tangy lemon cake made using bitter English orange marmalade and lemon zest with a lemon butter sauce poured over the cake after baking and iced with cream cheese frosting

o Fresh Strawberry Cake- chopped strawberries folded in a white cake batter topped with rich cream cheese frosting

Be sure to spend ample time seeking out a bakery that will suit all of your needs since there are plenty of options and competition for your business. You might want to start your search online or through referrals – then begin deciding which providers seem most appropriate for your needs. The more time and patience you spend selecting your cake, the happier you and your guests will be with the outcome.

There are additional cake-related decisions to consider. If you are concerned about price consider using fresh flowers and fruits in lieu of frosted ones. You can also order a beautiful cake that is a bit too small to feed the crowd and serve from less extraordinary sheet cakes that can be left out of sight and sliced and delivered by the venue staff. You also might want to consider a square cake as opposed to round being that square cakes cut more slices and will feed more people.

Of course, these are just suggestions and many wedding cake bakeries allow the happy couple to customize their cake to satisfy their palette and pricing concerns. Be sure to have an idea of how many people will be attending and ask the bakery about price per slice when considering the various flavors and shapes.