Artificial Flavoring

Products and services don’t have to be indefinitely artificially flavored, they could one day become the ‘Real McCoy.’

One of the greatest phenomenon in modern-day science and the food technology industry is artificial flavoring. Artificial flavor is an ingredient that is synthesized to create a sensory impression that imitates the natural product which might not be available.

The experience of an artificial product or service bears the taste or feature of the original goods or services that we can’t readily have. Therefore, we can only imagine what the product or service would feel like or do for us if we had the exact thing. Often, the product we desire is expensive or out of reach while on the other hand the substitute is affordable or at least less expensive.

This concept, when we think about it, is very scary and brings us to the next concern: What are we missing out on! What happens is that we escape the true realities of life when we use substitutes instead of genuine products and miss out on the benefits that would be derived from that original ingredient in the mix.

Let’s take ginger for example: There are multiple health and other benefits from the use of the plant namely, the prevention of cancer, assisting in the body’s metabolism and relieving of motion sickness. However, when you purchase a soft drink that has the artificial flavor of ginger, one would only be satisfying the taste buds but not getting the benefits that can be derived from the authentic flavor.

When you bring this into context with the level of service some businesses offer, you will see how the true experiences have only been short-lived. One example of this is the elaborate physical structure, vast array of commodities and attractive front line staff of some businesses in our corporate society. These are replicas of modern business models across Europe, USA and other developed countries of the world.

Nevertheless, let us call a spade a spade: Are we experiencing artificial flavoring from these enterprises? Well, we often come across unprofessional and poor customer service from some staff, that does not fit the profile of the company.

We are all preparing and proposing to be ready for the first world standard by 2030. This means we have to pull out all stops to achieve quality ratings by 2020. The question is asked just like the favorite TV sitcom, “Are we there yet?”

Nothing is wrong with being creative and resourceful if we don’t have the right ingredient for the final product but, one thing that we must bear in mind always: There will be marginal utilities or wearing out of our frustrated taste buds.

Therefore, as marketers we must listen to the market, know what our consumers need instead of assuming their wants and respond to the changes in our market trends. We must, “walk the walk and talk the talk.” Most importantly, we must put QUALITY SERVICE at the fore front of our businesses as it is the source of our profitability.

Products and service don’t have to be indefinitely artificially flavored, they CAN one day become the ‘Real McCoy’.

3 Ways Businesses Can Use Gourmet Flavored Popcorn to Draw Crowds

One look at a bowl of yummy chocolate or cheddar popcorn and it’s easy to see why this is America’s favorite treat. The smell has a way on entrancing everyone, convincing them to try the tasty treat. Why shouldn’t businesses use this to their advantage? Gourmet flavored popcorn will bring in potential leads and help keep them there to increase the chance of making a profitable sale, or at least a loyal follower. Here are three great ways businesses can enhance their marketing with this tasty treat.

Trade Show Booths

With so many displays in one place, it can be difficult to attract people to your trade show booths. But, with some colorful gourmet flavored popcorn like white and yellow cheddar popcorn as well as cinnamon and chocolate flavors, attendees will happily wait in line for taste of their favorite flavor. In the mean time, sales staff has plenty of time to talk to each one and make sales or collect contact information.

Take this concept one further by giving away small tins of this delicious snack with the company logo and contact info on it. Or, include large containers of this treat with other products or cards for services as part of a large prize drawing. Sales staff will be so busy, they won’t know who to approach first, and with happy attendees, sales are sure to go up.

In Store Sales Or Celebrations

Large sales, store birthdays, and holidays are the perfect excuse to have a party and invite the public to join you. With balloons, cake, refreshments, gourmet flavored popcorn, and huge sales, current and potential customers will have a blast. And, having everyone in a good mood, walking around munching gourmet flavored popcorn, is always a good thing; they’ll stick around longer, they’ll be more open to chat, and more willing to connect with sales staff.

This is also a great opportunity to advertise the sale, the business, and offer up some great contests or coupons to further increase the number of people making their way to the business. Social media, the company website, and email newsletter lists are also helpful. And, if they are each given a special code for the event, which entitles them to an additional discount or free gift, it will provide an opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of the various marketing methods.

Joining Forces With A Non-Profit Organization

While these events aren’t instantly associated with boosting profits, they can be one of the best events for any business to hold. Not only does the money go to a good cause, but the exposure for the company as well as the demonstration of its dedication to the community also goes a long way to building a following of loyal customers. Some of these events could include movie nights where both organizations combine their efforts to sell tins of cheddar popcorn to cover the costs. Be sure to advertise the event, and include the business logo and contact information in the advertisement.

These are just three ways businesses can use gourmet popcorn to boost their revenue. All it takes is America’s favorite snack, some creativity, and a little hard work to pull off. Oh, and maybe a little cheddar popcorn for inspiration!

Gormet Flavored Coffee: Simply The Best

There is nothing that beats a good gormet flavored coffee bean. Gourmet flavored coffee beans are specially created for the coffee drinker and connoisseur. Of course, the process is unique to the gourmet coffee experience from the get go. Flavors are extremely versatile. You can get vanilla, chocolate, mint, chocolate mint, and so many others I could never name them all. That is because someone is always creating brand, new flavors!

Coffee manufacturers know what you and I like. They make a profit knowing what to bring to us. They are people pleasers; they want your business. Gormet flavored coffee allows coffee manufacturers and retailers to reach their target audience: you and me. Each manufacturer has a special process that allows them to bring you your every desire. Then they make flavors you never imagined. Yet, when you taste and smell the new flavor, you wonder where it has been your whole life. Mmm, mmm, good!

Coffee retailers often roast, flavor, then package there own gormet flavored coffee. By adding their own label, they keep your attention. They make you and I loyal coffee drinkers. Often, coffee retailers create a unique coffee flavor and name to get your attention and keep it. Does it work? If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t keep doing it!

Gormet coffee drinkers expect only the best. Coffee connoisseurs expect their tastes and styles to be catered too. Of course, coffee retailers are more than willing to give us what we want. In addition, it is plain fun to create such flavorful examples of artist coffee. Yes, gormet flavored coffee is an artistic form of self exploration. A lot can be discovered by taking notice of the type of gourmet coffee someone drinks and prefers. Are you a decaf or regular? Whole coffee bean or coffee ground? Flavored or non-flavored? Gourmet or non-gourmet? The choices are endless. Some people like a regular coffee of Java; others, like me, enjoy a gourmet flavored coffee: buttered rum is my choice.

Whatever flavor you prefer, there is a gormet flavored coffee for you. Maybe you aren’t sure which flavored coffee you prefer. Then you get the fun of tasting all sorts of flavors and smelling all sorts of unique aromas in the search of finding the perfect gourmet coffee for you. Of course, why stop at just one? Keep going and find two, three, four or more! The possibilities never end.

The true gourmet coffee connoisseur goes one step further: they create their own flavored coffee! Yes, you too can be a coffee connoisseur. Buy green coffee beans at a discount; buy an inexpensive coffee roaster; a coffee grinder. Viola! You have the ability to create your own gourmet flavored coffee. The true coffee connoisseur enjoys only the best gourmet coffee created by his or her own hands.

My suggestion to you: trial and error. Through trial and error you choose a gourmet coffee flavor just for you. If all else fails, create you own mixture! For you, the coffee drinker, nothing is too good. The coffee retailers and coffee manufacturers believe that, so should you. Discover what is truly you, and what is truly not. Try drinking many types and flavors. Maybe you will be surprised by what suits your tastes. Whatever your choice, be sure to enjoy your decision.