3 Ways Businesses Can Use Gourmet Flavored Popcorn to Draw Crowds

One look at a bowl of yummy chocolate or cheddar popcorn and it’s easy to see why this is America’s favorite treat. The smell has a way on entrancing everyone, convincing them to try the tasty treat. Why shouldn’t businesses use this to their advantage? Gourmet flavored popcorn will bring in potential leads and help keep them there to increase the chance of making a profitable sale, or at least a loyal follower. Here are three great ways businesses can enhance their marketing with this tasty treat.

Trade Show Booths

With so many displays in one place, it can be difficult to attract people to your trade show booths. But, with some colorful gourmet flavored popcorn like white and yellow cheddar popcorn as well as cinnamon and chocolate flavors, attendees will happily wait in line for taste of their favorite flavor. In the mean time, sales staff has plenty of time to talk to each one and make sales or collect contact information.

Take this concept one further by giving away small tins of this delicious snack with the company logo and contact info on it. Or, include large containers of this treat with other products or cards for services as part of a large prize drawing. Sales staff will be so busy, they won’t know who to approach first, and with happy attendees, sales are sure to go up.

In Store Sales Or Celebrations

Large sales, store birthdays, and holidays are the perfect excuse to have a party and invite the public to join you. With balloons, cake, refreshments, gourmet flavored popcorn, and huge sales, current and potential customers will have a blast. And, having everyone in a good mood, walking around munching gourmet flavored popcorn, is always a good thing; they’ll stick around longer, they’ll be more open to chat, and more willing to connect with sales staff.

This is also a great opportunity to advertise the sale, the business, and offer up some great contests or coupons to further increase the number of people making their way to the business. Social media, the company website, and email newsletter lists are also helpful. And, if they are each given a special code for the event, which entitles them to an additional discount or free gift, it will provide an opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of the various marketing methods.

Joining Forces With A Non-Profit Organization

While these events aren’t instantly associated with boosting profits, they can be one of the best events for any business to hold. Not only does the money go to a good cause, but the exposure for the company as well as the demonstration of its dedication to the community also goes a long way to building a following of loyal customers. Some of these events could include movie nights where both organizations combine their efforts to sell tins of cheddar popcorn to cover the costs. Be sure to advertise the event, and include the business logo and contact information in the advertisement.

These are just three ways businesses can use gourmet popcorn to boost their revenue. All it takes is America’s favorite snack, some creativity, and a little hard work to pull off. Oh, and maybe a little cheddar popcorn for inspiration!

Ice-Cream Parlors – A Small Business Opportunity

When you think of the options for staring small businesses, the first option that comes to the mind will be of an Ice-cream parlor. Ice-cream parlors are the most common leisure time destinations of the people all over the world. This is a good business to consider as people of all age groups will enjoy the ice-cream experience again and again. By furnishing the interiors of the parlor one can create cozy and magical interiors that will attract people. You can also bring new mind blowing flavors to the ice-cream list of your parlor to attract customers who relish different flavors. As in the case of any business, your ice-cream parlor business also needs proper planning and publicity.

Before staring the business, study the potential market for the business in the particular area where you are planning to start the business. It is always better to consult a Certified Public Accountant who is experienced in small businesses accounting. If you are starting the business in single proprietorship make your commercial insurance agent know about it. Make sure that you obtain the necessary license needed for running the business from the concerned authorities. It is also important to obtain the sales tax license and the consent of the health department before starting the ice-cream parlor. Getting the necessary license from the concerned authorities will help you to avoid problems in the future and running the business without any trouble. The next biggest thing is the affordability of the place you want to hire. Select a place which will suit your budget and will attract people. You may have to spend something in between $1,000 and $10,000 to start the business at an existing location. The installation charges of the equipment will depend on the type of the ice-cream you are planning to serve. One should have some working capital and money for miscellaneous expenses, while starting the business.

In a business it is always needed to know what your competitors are doing. Make a list of the popular parlors in your city and visit them to analyze their product and line of working. Identify what makes a parlor popular in the area. Whether, it is the menu or the service to the customers or the ambience of the area. Take the things that you feel as good for business from the other parlor and incorporate it in to your new small businesses. Find a site with easy access from different parts of the city. Make sure that there is parking area nearer to the site. Mix your menu with wide varieties for everyone to choose from. Make a niche of your own in the product line with special flavors and sundaes that are not available in the locality. This will bring the customers back to your parlor for their favorite flavors and sundaes. The returns you will get from this small business depend on the knowledge in business, the location of the business and the publicity you are giving. So, if you make a market study about the pros and cons of starting the business you will not get disappointed.

Turn Your Passion Into Business

Summer is fast approaching, and the Filipinos’ love for frozen delights are becoming even more evident. Since 1925, when Magnolia Ice Cream was established in the country, Filipinos started to make ice cream a big part of their lives. More so, after Philippine flavors such as Kesong Puti, Macapuno Langka and Ube Keso came in the market. More and more people realized that you can actually incorporate your own personality and culture into their own gelato flavors, and thus, eating this well-loved dessert has been more fun. Here are some famous types of gelatos from different places in the globe that might just fit your personality!

Ice Cream From Around the World

  • Gelato is very popular in Spain and Italy and is known for making use of natural flavors, whole milk, eggs and sugar. It is also oftentimes handmade. And, before cups became popular, Italians served gelato wrapped in waxed paper. This was known as Penny Lick.
  • Mochi ice cream, a combination of gelato and the popular Japanese gelatinous rice desert Mochi is also quite delicious and flavorful. Popular flavors include Matcha or Green Tea, Strawberry and Caramel.
  • Meanwhile, in Turkey, ice cream is called “Dondurma”. It is the literal translation for the word “freezing”. It is known for being made with “Salep” or orchid tubers, and “mastic”, a form of resin that makes this frozen delight chewy.
  • And of course, the Philippines has “Sorbetes”, which is often being peddled in carts and is known for being served in wafer cones, and also comes in different flavors such as Cheese, Ube, Chocolate or Mango-you can even ask mamang sorbertero to serve you all the flavors in one cone.

Find the type of ice cream that fits your taste and indulge in it guilt-free! these gelatos are made to make us all feel better and give us a taste of heaven. This is why they vary fromdifferent places around the world, to fit their own definition of heaven. Now, if your Pinoy heart just finds heaven in the famous Sorbetes, make the most out of it by starting a living out of it. You can now enjoy Sorbetes even more by having your own Carito Business, thanks to Magnolia Ice Cream!

If you’re interested to earn an extra P240,000 per year, why don’t you try being one of Magnolia Ice Cream’s mobile vending operators today? Just visit one of Magnolia’s business centers in Pateros, Marikina, Pasig, Malabon, Quezon City, Makati or Valenzuela and you will learn how to start your own Carito business. Those who are living in Visayas and Mindanao may avail of this opportunity, as well.

Aside from getting your own business, you will also get some great business advice, equipment and marketing support. Invest in this win-win situation because it is just the best and most productive way for you to kick start your summer!

This summer, you can do a bit more than enjoy gelato; you can also start your Magnolia Ice Cream Carito business and make money. Not only will you be able to eat what you love, you’ll also be able to do what you love, too. Now, work would not seem like work and summer would be even more worthwhile.