Ice Cream, Anyone? The Ice Cream Flavors of the World

Ice cream is among the most favorite desserts in the world. It is a frozen dessert made out of dairy products that offers a large variety of choices because of the creation of different flavors that suit the cravings of people all over the world.

There are several different flavors, which are basically defined by the ingredients that are contained within the recipe of it. What appeals to the taste buds and gives people the greatest satisfaction when eating this frozen delights are the most common flavors that have enticed the senses. According to the International Ice Cream Association, the top flavors enjoyed in the market today are the following:

1. Vanilla
2. Chocolate
3. Butter pecan
4. Strawberry
5. Neapolitan
6. Chocolate chip
7. French vanilla
8. Cookies and cream
9. Vanilla fudge ripple
10. Praline pecan

There is safety in knowing that the above mentioned flavors are the ones that people are familiar of. However, it is difficult to believe that the creation of flavor is one dimensional. The other side of the coin when you flip it will allow a different experience when it comes to eating ice cream. In Japan, the creation of the weirdest and the wackiest flavors would have to be one that it has pioneered. These flavors though very complex in nature and seemingly out of this world are probably testament of the ability of the Japanese to invent things that are particularly unique.

Among the distinct flavors created in Japan are the following:

1. Fish
2. Octopus
3. Squid
4. Ox tongue
5. Sweet potato
6. Fried eggplant
7. Wasabi
8. Eel
9. Shark fin noodle
10. Oyster

These are only a few examples of the different flavors invented in Japan. Although these flavors are generally considered as not really the usual flavors that you would like to grab a taste of, they are actually edible and only prove that culture can always be fused with the food that you eat. The flavor that Japan has invented, if you look at it in a different light, is actually their way of combining their own culture into their own version.

The ingenuity of Japanese flavors is probably the most unimaginable invention in the history of ice cream making but it offers a different side in this industry. From the luscious vanilla and chocolate flavors, the elite and creamy goodness of cookies and cream and chocolate chip, and even the weird and crazy octopus and squid ice cream, ice cream flavors had definitely developed a lot since its discovery. For each flavor that come a long the way is a history waiting to unravel. Truly, the ice cream making business had given birth to the most class and even the most unlikely creations to tickle your taste buds.

Folding Chairs Act As Secure Back-Up Accommodations for Your Business

If your business is your primary source of income, you need to make sure that it addresses all possible concerns. For instance, owning a restaurant or food business means that you have to produce high-quality meals. But your role as an owner doesn’t stop there. You also need to provide comfortable accommodations for everybody.

In the food or restaurant business, flavor and ambience are two factors that you should always hit right. It’s the only way you can gain more and more customers that will keep your source of living on a thriving business. But there’s a third factor that you also need to address. You need to maintain a superior level of service, too.

One way you can provide impeccable service is guaranteeing a comfortable accommodation for every customer that walks in to your restaurant. Although, you may have standard tables and seats, having back-up items will do great wonders for your business just in case.

There are plenty of occasions when you will be in dire need of these items. Weekends always call for many families and friends going out. They can come in hordes towards your restaurant. When you have secure back-up accommodations in the form of folding chairs, you can ensure that every guest and the company they bring will be given comfortable and proper seats for dining. With these things around, your guests will appreciate how well-prepared you are to accommodate everybody.

It will also be to your great advantage to keep stock of these items because come Holidays and special occasions, you will be expecting more customers every single day. With foldable seats around, you can generate more income for your business because you can fill in your place and cater more customers than usual.

It will also make for a great plan in the future for you may be unto expanding your restaurant. When there are vacant lots on your side or on the front, you can also incorporate open-air spaces or al fresco areas which will make for an added attraction to your business.

Folding chairs can be bought in many different designs. You can have them in variety of amazing styles and colors. You may not even have to cover them up for they can appear upholstered in elegant fabrics. You can buy them in bulk at affordable rates in so many online furniture stores or you can get them in department shops and home stores near you.

Flavored Coffee: A Sensational Lift to Your Next Dinner Party

On almost any occasion flavored coffee can be a delightful compliment to any meal. As someone who hosts many dinner parties for both business and pleasure, it has been my experience that coffee is really at its best when paired with anything sweet. This perfect pairing lets the relative bitterness of the coffee counter the sweetness of the dessert leaving the palate with a well-balanced finish.

Flavored coffee is nothing new but it has taken many years for it to gain mainstream acceptance to where it now sits in a prominent position on our supermarket shelves and niche corner coffee shops in a host of variations.

In recent years flavored coffee has come into its own and become a trendy drink which often displaces the traditional end of dinner coffee. Coffee connoisseurs are taking to these untraditional adventurous coffee types in droves with the possible combinations of texture and flavours being endless. Now the average coffee drinker is faced with an abundant choice of flavors including vanilla, hazelnut, almond, macadamia raspberry, cinnamon, chocolate, caramel, and coconut. As you will notice, the majority of the flavorings verge on the sweet side.

Macadamia coffee is my all time favorite and so easy to match up with many desserts. Another quite famous coffee-dessert pairings is delicious pumpkin pie with cinnamon flavored coffee. If you haven’t tried this combination before please do, I guarantee it will completely change your whole experience of eating dessert. Some people even have it for breakfast. The coffee enhances the pumpkin pie with the complimentary spice flavour of the cinnamon.

The exotic flavour of coconut with coffee is another way to create an entirely inspiring dessert. This is only a snippet of the countless ideas that are out there for you to try. No doubt flavored brews are not a passing fad.

With flavoured coffee increasing in popularity it isn’t hard to imagine some of the blends actually replacing traditional toppings that usually go straight to our waistlines. Wouldn’t that be nice for those of us who are counting calories? For example you will find vanilla flavored coffee is the perfect substitute for the usual fat rich frozen whipped toppings.

In this day and age if you look around there is an abundance of good quality flavored coffee blends available in flavors and styles that will suit almost every occasion and menu selection. Even vending machines at airports, hospitals and company buildings are hopping on the band wagon and supplying the consumer demand for variety.

So go on and be a bit adventurous. Try a flavored coffee today and you too will soon find out why it is such a taste sensation.