Ice Cream, Anyone? The Ice Cream Flavors of the World

Ice cream is among the most favorite desserts in the world. It is a frozen dessert made out of dairy products that offers a large variety of choices because of the creation of different flavors that suit the cravings of people all over the world.

There are several different flavors, which are basically defined by the ingredients that are contained within the recipe of it. What appeals to the taste buds and gives people the greatest satisfaction when eating this frozen delights are the most common flavors that have enticed the senses. According to the International Ice Cream Association, the top flavors enjoyed in the market today are the following:

1. Vanilla
2. Chocolate
3. Butter pecan
4. Strawberry
5. Neapolitan
6. Chocolate chip
7. French vanilla
8. Cookies and cream
9. Vanilla fudge ripple
10. Praline pecan

There is safety in knowing that the above mentioned flavors are the ones that people are familiar of. However, it is difficult to believe that the creation of flavor is one dimensional. The other side of the coin when you flip it will allow a different experience when it comes to eating ice cream. In Japan, the creation of the weirdest and the wackiest flavors would have to be one that it has pioneered. These flavors though very complex in nature and seemingly out of this world are probably testament of the ability of the Japanese to invent things that are particularly unique.

Among the distinct flavors created in Japan are the following:

1. Fish
2. Octopus
3. Squid
4. Ox tongue
5. Sweet potato
6. Fried eggplant
7. Wasabi
8. Eel
9. Shark fin noodle
10. Oyster

These are only a few examples of the different flavors invented in Japan. Although these flavors are generally considered as not really the usual flavors that you would like to grab a taste of, they are actually edible and only prove that culture can always be fused with the food that you eat. The flavor that Japan has invented, if you look at it in a different light, is actually their way of combining their own culture into their own version.

The ingenuity of Japanese flavors is probably the most unimaginable invention in the history of ice cream making but it offers a different side in this industry. From the luscious vanilla and chocolate flavors, the elite and creamy goodness of cookies and cream and chocolate chip, and even the weird and crazy octopus and squid ice cream, ice cream flavors had definitely developed a lot since its discovery. For each flavor that come a long the way is a history waiting to unravel. Truly, the ice cream making business had given birth to the most class and even the most unlikely creations to tickle your taste buds.