Ice-Cream Parlors – A Small Business Opportunity

When you think of the options for staring small businesses, the first option that comes to the mind will be of an Ice-cream parlor. Ice-cream parlors are the most common leisure time destinations of the people all over the world. This is a good business to consider as people of all age groups will enjoy the ice-cream experience again and again. By furnishing the interiors of the parlor one can create cozy and magical interiors that will attract people. You can also bring new mind blowing flavors to the ice-cream list of your parlor to attract customers who relish different flavors. As in the case of any business, your ice-cream parlor business also needs proper planning and publicity.

Before staring the business, study the potential market for the business in the particular area where you are planning to start the business. It is always better to consult a Certified Public Accountant who is experienced in small businesses accounting. If you are starting the business in single proprietorship make your commercial insurance agent know about it. Make sure that you obtain the necessary license needed for running the business from the concerned authorities. It is also important to obtain the sales tax license and the consent of the health department before starting the ice-cream parlor. Getting the necessary license from the concerned authorities will help you to avoid problems in the future and running the business without any trouble. The next biggest thing is the affordability of the place you want to hire. Select a place which will suit your budget and will attract people. You may have to spend something in between $1,000 and $10,000 to start the business at an existing location. The installation charges of the equipment will depend on the type of the ice-cream you are planning to serve. One should have some working capital and money for miscellaneous expenses, while starting the business.

In a business it is always needed to know what your competitors are doing. Make a list of the popular parlors in your city and visit them to analyze their product and line of working. Identify what makes a parlor popular in the area. Whether, it is the menu or the service to the customers or the ambience of the area. Take the things that you feel as good for business from the other parlor and incorporate it in to your new small businesses. Find a site with easy access from different parts of the city. Make sure that there is parking area nearer to the site. Mix your menu with wide varieties for everyone to choose from. Make a niche of your own in the product line with special flavors and sundaes that are not available in the locality. This will bring the customers back to your parlor for their favorite flavors and sundaes. The returns you will get from this small business depend on the knowledge in business, the location of the business and the publicity you are giving. So, if you make a market study about the pros and cons of starting the business you will not get disappointed.