5 Top Business Books That Changed My Life

For many years I avoided learning. Like most people, I learned by accident through a very popular learning method known as; trial and error. Most people have used the trial and error method but, while this may be effective in rare cases, trial and error takes way too long. And most of the time, the errors and mistakes you make create a whole lot of learning experiences that don’t feel that good. For example; when things go horribly wrong, how does that make you feel?

You know, mistakes hurt only when you repeat them over and over. So, learning something new, from someone who has what you want, gets way better results.

At some point you also have to ask yourself, “is it possible to get better results by learning on purpose instead of by accident?” Yes. “Is it possible that there are things you don’t know yet?” And, the answer is yes. “Is it possible that there’s some things that you know that aren’t necessarily so?” The answer is also… yes.

Based on many years of struggling and trying it my way, I decided to learn a little bit about how other people achieved success. And that’s when I started becoming a learn-it-all instead of a know-it-all.

Only when you choose to learn on purpose can you attract the best kind of learning experiences, the ones that actually get great results. Here are the 5 top business books that I used to get real world results. Many people may not think of these books as being business books, but I applied the lessons to business and achieved business results, that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

Counting down the top five…

5. “The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho” – This was the first “real learning” book I had ever read since University. It is a simple story about a Shepherd boy who, one day, takes it upon himself to explore the world in seek of fame and fortune. And while the boy meets with many challenges, they are all learning experiences which eventually led him to the very treasure he set out to find.

When I read this book, I was already a few years into my journey with Tinnitus: a loud ringing in the ears. I was struggling and depressed. This book was simple enough for me to grasp the main concept which is; if you never take a risk in life, things will never get better. But if you are willing to take the risk and learn something, then the journey will unfold the way it’s supposed to; perfectly and in its own good time.

4. “The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale” – In this book Joe outlines five steps to attracting anything you want in life. He does it in such a way as to make it simple enough for even the most poorly programmed and skeptical person to grasp. And believe me, I was more than skeptical. However, because there was only 5 steps, I figured it couldn’t be that difficult to learn. And, as it turns out, these five steps helped me create incredible results in just about every area of my life, including financial. The final step, “The Law of Detachment,” taught me a lot about how to truly manifest big results. If you don’t know this law, then Google an article that I wrote called, “How to Practice the Law of Detachment.”

3. “Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind” – by T. Harv Eker – Yes, I agree that some people don’t like the way that Harv talks about wealth. I also agree that his methods could be perceived as radical and unconventional. I also agree that some people believe he’s arrogant and overconfident. However, do results matter? Yes, in my opinion, that’s all that matters. I’ve followed his methods now for several years. I’ve taken some of his training courses. In fact, one training course that I took, even though it was at the time extremely out of reach financially, I did it anyway, and earned my money back in one night.

When I read this book I really felt as if Harv was talking just to me. Sure, he’s not that nice about it. He basically jumps out of the pages, grabs you by the neck shakes you a little bit and starts to get you to see wealth from a different perspective. Some people don’t like that. But not liking something, doesn’t always mean it’s not good for you. Believe me, I have literally made millions off of one Harv Eker Seminar and if it weren’t for the book I would’ve never decided to take that course.

2. “The Pilgrimage” by Paulo Coelho – Yes, this is the same person that wrote the Alchemist my number five pick. After reading this book, I felt compelled from a deeper level to pick myself up out of my miserable situation and walk across Spain on the Camino de Santiago. The book and the journey made me realize the number one trick to getting what you want in life; stop trying to figure out how you will get there. In fact, every time I tried to speed up on the Camino, the universe just pushed back.

So if you’re trying to get to where you want fast, you may actually miss the part that matters; living and discovering. And when I gave up my strict schedule, the universe opened up and delivered me better results faster. Funny how that works, isn’t it? The more you slow down the faster you will achieve. To most people this would not make sense. That’s why you need to read the book and maybe even walk the Camino de Santiago. Sure, it’s 850 km. And your excuse might be, “you don’t have time.” And that is the number one reason why you will never get there. Because, if time is your excuse, then ask yourself, “do I honestly have time for the things in life that really matter? Like RESULTS?

1. And my number 1 best business book that changed my life is;

“Ask and It Is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks – While some may call this book spiritual mumbo-jumbo, I would call it “the secret.” I have read this book so many times and have incorporated so many of their beliefs and exercises into my life that I literally created a new me. And, I like the new me way better than the old me. While the old be would say, “I’ve got better things to do.” The new me would say, “better things require me to do something.” While the old me would say, “I hate rich and successful people, ” the new me would say, “I admire rich and successful people.” While the old me would say, “money is hard to come by,” the new me would say, “money comes to me easily and effortlessly.” I think you get the idea.

This is a book about reprogramming your beliefs. Are you always right? If so, and your results don’t prove it, then you need some new beliefs. Being right and getting what you want in life are two different things. Only when you open yourself up to knowledge and experiences can you actually learn anything. You can be right or you can have what you want, but you can’t have both. In business, making yourself right, makes someone else wrong. And that is why you may never win. Only when you learn that results are co-created for the benefit of everyone, will you truly understand a thriving business. Help someone else get what they want first, and you will have what they have in abundance.

I just want to say a quick thank you to each of these authors for their life-changing words and information. I am pretty certain that without reading these books, I would not be in the position that I am today. Like Brian Klemmer says In his book, “If How-To’s Were Enough, We’d All Be Skinny Rich and Happy.” It takes more than just “how-to’s” to get what you want.

You have to learn to be deeply committed to your strongest intentions. Otherwise, there will be many intentions competing for your attention. Most people live a life of activities and distractions. Only deep commitment to learning and experiencing new things will lead you to what you truly want. I trust that these five books when read, understood and implemented, will reveal many secrets to creating the results you seek.

Where to Get Small Business Books

There are many small business books out there to help get you started in your small business venture. Finding the right one is difficult to do though. However, it is a good idea to pick up more than one. Right! Go to your library and pick up at least five business books that will teach and assist you on how to come with the right business plan, which will point you in the right direction. You can snuggle up in bed every night and read a few chapters to get you started.

The number one reason why people fail in starting their own business is because they do not have enough knowledge to get past business obstacles. This also counts with experience too. If you have never ran a business before, you will not get very far unless you read small business books that will show you how to put a business plan together, how to get funding and how to advertise and market your business successfully.

Many successful authors have published books like this, just for the public to study these and get their own business to kick off at a starting run. These authors have been through all of the top business mistakes themselves and have even had to start over again just to succeed. They have been through a course of months, even years sometimes. Just by reading a few books you can save yourself a lot of time and a ton of money. It never hurts to educate yourself and to be honest checking out library books or researching the internet is so easy to do plus it is absolutely free.

There is a wealth of information on the internet and if you are looking for new and established books try looking into Amazon. There are practically tons of business books to choose from. You can start learning about the top business mistakes or even 100 ways to advertise and market your business. They also have more informative books with lengthy details on each step to take rather than lists or ideas. It really depends on what you prefer reading and what your needs are. Amazon is great because they provide in depth reviews on the particular book so before you read it, you will not waste your time since other people have discussed the specific book you are looking at. There also other online book stores that provide some of the same services.

Business Books – Selecting a Book That Will Not Waste Your Time

Business books are published every day, and with thousands of business books out there to choose from, how do you know which books to read? Some authors publish books with the intention of sincerely helping you make more money or get out of debt, but there are hundreds of authors who simply want to make themselves money and do not really care about your financial life.

There are hundreds of books available today that can really change the way you think about money and can help improve your current financial situation. Before you buy another business book, take a minute to think about the following eight guidelines and make sure your book is not simply another get-rich-quick book that will only waste your time.

1. Check the ratings and reviews on Amazon
Amazon is a wonderful tool to help find out how people feel about the book you are interested in reading. Amazon provides a 5 star rating system in ½ star increments, so you can see if the book is highly recommended at around 5 stars out of 5, or not highly recommended at a lower star rating such as 1 star out of five. However, use caution with Amazon. You will want to read several ratings and make sure they seem genuine and legit. Many less-known authors will create fake user names and have their peers do the same to drive up their star ratings. It is a sorry way to make themselves look better and their books seem better than it may actually be. If you see that a book has similarly worded ratings and nothing but 5 star ratings, take a second look before buying the book. Also, look at the author’s other books and see how they are rated. This may help give you a good idea of whether or not the author is actually a decent, respected writer.

2. Research the author’s credentials
Use your favorite search engine and type in the author’s name. Look at his/her website and information such as publisher, any reviews in major newspapers, and whom he/she has written for in the past. If you find that the author is published by a reputable publisher such as Harper Collins, Three Rivers Press, Norton, Random House, or John Wiley and Sons, you probably have a well-known and respectable author. Also, if you can find a New York Times book review or a favorable review from a paper such as the Boston Globe, you can feel safe that the reviewer is reputable and the book will be a good read. Also, if you can find that the author has written for well-known papers or magazines in the past like Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, or other large publication sources, you can feel safe that the author has good credentials and is a talented writer.

3. Ask a friend or advisor what they recommend
Some of the best book recommendations some people will ever receive come from respected mentors and peers. For example, if you are taking business classes at a university or working in a business-related office, ask your professors or co-workers what they have read and recommend. You will find that most people are thrilled to talk about books and their personal favorites. People are always glad to give suggestions about what you should read and the most influential books they have read. Why read about what strangers think online when you can hear a first-person account of a book from someone you trust.

4. Harper Collins Business Essentials
Harper Collins produces a line of books called Business Essentials, which is a collection of business books that are the best of the best. Many colleges and universities use these books as required reading in their undergraduate and MBA classes. In this series you will find books by authors such as Michael Dell, the founders of Hewlett Packard, and Benjamin Graham. The books in this series have sold millions of copies and all of them should be required reading for any serious business person.

5. Look for books by business tycoons
If you go to your local book store and look for books with sound business advice, you will most likely find a large majority of them have get rich quick advice and will simply waste your time while reading them. Many of these authors are self-proclaimed to be rich and do not have any credentials that allow them to give you financial advice. The truth is, most business book authors are simply out to make money. However, there are authors out there that have made their millions and billions of dollars the right way, and want to tell you how they did it for your own benefit. Some people who made their money the right way are Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, etc. These people do not want to take your money; they already have billions of dollars. They hope only to tell you their story and tell you how anyone, including you, can go from rags to riches. You can feel good that your money is well spent on books written by business tycoons and that their advice is from the best of the best in the business world.

6. Avoid “Get Rich Quick” or “Make Millions Now” books
Everyone has heard the saying, “If it seems to good to be true, then it probably is.” The same rule applies to business books. Book stores have shelves lined with books about how you can “get rich quick” or how you can use the author’s five secret steps to becoming a millionaire. The truth is that a majority of these books are totally useless. Authors will tell you that they are self-made millionaires and living the life they always dreamed of, but will never tell you how they made the millions of dollars. Why take advice about your money from someone that you have never heard of? Instead of spending your hard-earned money on worthless books by could-be millionaires, spend your money wisely on books that are proven and written by someone notable.

7. Read the first few pages
If you usually buy your books at your local book store or online at websites such as Corner Office Books or Amazon, be sure to not only read the book reviews but also the first few pages. While reading the first 5 to 10 pages, look for sentences that may cause concern, telling you how to live the life you have always dreamed of and how you can make a million dollars fast. You can usually get a general feel for the validity of the book by taking a few minutes to read a couple of pages.

8. Look for books that have been selling for 50+ years
There are numerous books that have been published for dozens of years. You may even come across books by authors such as Dale Carnegie that are highly recommended and have been published for over 70 years now. If a book has been in publication for so many decades, you can bet it is a great read. You will also find books by authors such as Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett that are proven and full of great principles and advice. These authors are usually very old or have passed away, but their books have lived on and are time-tested to have good advice and principles valuable to business people today.