Supplies for Starting a Popcorn Stand Business

Are you the type of person who prefers entrepreneurial enterprises versus the standard 9-5 job? Then setting up and running your own popcorn machine business may be the calling you’ve been waiting for. Great for malls, trade shows, carnivals, kid’s parties and many other events and parties popcorn is a delicious snacking treat that goes with almost anything and with the right supplies you can get your business off the ground in no time.

Several things you need to consider before launching your own popcorn popping business is how large a machine you intend to operate, where you plan on conducting your business and what type of popcorn you plan to offer. There are many different types of popcorn machines available, both for individual home use and for commercial business use as well. From simple counter-top popcorn machines to more elaborate popcorn machines with old fashioned wheeled carts and stands there are many high quality machines on the market for you to choose from.

Popcorn machines, especially ones that are lightweight or include stands and carts, are portable and this makes for easy transport of your machine and business to where the crowds are. You may be seeking out a vendor license so you can operate a stand on a city street corner or perhaps inside a sports arena or venue and really take advantage of a growing market. There is a lot of competition for these coveted spots but once you’re in the rest is easy.

If you are planning to open your own stationary or mobile popcorn machine business be sure to stock up on plenty of popcorn supplies to make sure you have enough to satisfy all your customers. Popcorn starter kits, scoops and cleaning kits, oils, hot butter dispensers, popcorn warmers and neon signs are just a few of the convenient supplies that will help make your popcorn business running smooth and marketed well.

Lastly, depending on where you plan to set up your popcorn business, know what flavors of popcorn will be in demand most. In time you’ll know what your customers like but when first starting out it’s recommended you offer a few flavors to provide enough variety for everyone. You can try any number of popcorn flavors to keep all your customers happy including butter and sea salt, white cheddar, dark chocolate caramel and Amaretto almond. Some people enjoy the traditional taste of air popped popcorn while others prefer a more gourmet flavor such as black raspberry liqueur with vanilla cream. Having enough flavors on hand will ensure your business can cater to as many discerning tastes as possible.